Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Monday, April 20, 2009

Organics Delivery Co-op

I have publicized my love for Door To Door Organics countless times. We have been using them for all our produce and coffee beans for the last two years. Several months ago we began a co-op: When 4 or more people have their boxes delivered to one address, everyone saves money! Even if you are not part of the coop, I HIGHLY recommend their service! 

If you want to be part of the co-op and enjoy the discount, you just have to put my address for the
 shipping address. You can choose from many different sized boxes as well as how frequently you would like to order. In addition if you are having trouble with 
the pick up, as long as you are local, we are willing to help by delivering it to your home. 

New Prices:

Bitty- 23.00
Small / Fruit or Veggie- 33.00
Medium- 39.00
Large- 53.00
Original Prices:

Bitty Box - $39.00 
Small Fruit or Veggie Box - $39.00  Medium Box - $46.00 
Large Box - $61.00

I will let you know when your delivery arrives (each Tuesday) by phone.

Your Name Here
268 Amherst Street
2nd Side Door
Brooklyn, NY 11235

If I have yet to convince you,
please read the TOP TEN REASONS to go Organic!

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