Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smart Strip!

The Smart Strip Surge Protector is designed for use with computer systems, entertainment systems, and workshops. It saves up to 73% on the energy used by your household electronics and pays for itself in two months. The average computer system uses 260 watts per hour just sitting idle, while a computer with a Smart Strip in the sleep mode uses less than 25 watts. The Smart Strip prevents your peripherals from drawing an idle current when not in use; it uses zero watts when off and 1 watt when fully energized. Just plug your computer or TV into the blue CONTROL outlet. Plug your fax, cable box, or satellite receiver into the red CONSTANT HOT outlets. And plug everything else you want to save energy into the white SWITCHED outlets. An Energy Star study determined that if every home office replaced just their computer equipment with Energy Star labeled equipment, it would save 219 billion pounds of greenhouse gases. This Smart Strip has patented circuitry that monitors the current flow through through the specifically color-coded outlets and determines if a particular device is on, off, or in sleep mode. The Smart Strip will then automatically switch off everything in the white "Automatically Switched" outlets while leaving everything in the red "Constant Hot" outlets alone. Comes with a 6' heavy-duty power cord. The 7 Outlet Smart Surge Protector with energy-saving electronics measures 14" in length x 2" wide and features: 1 control outlet, 2 constant hot outlets, 1 switched transformer, and 4 total switched outlets. The 10 Outlet Smart Surge Protector with energy-saving electronics measures 14" in length x 4" wide (pictured here) and features: 1 control outlet - always hot, 3 total constant hot (1 transformer constant hot), 6 total switched outlets (3 switched transformer outlets). Choose either the 7 Outlet or 10 Outlet Smart Power Strip.

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