Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach Week

Beach Week - Eco-Sandals

Head in the Sand-als - Beach Week

The Bite:
Face it - your kid's feet grow faster than the tides change. This summer, choose beachy green flip-flops for kids. Our picks are comfy and fun, plus by using recycled and sustainable materials, they don't ignore the planet.
The Benefits: 
  • Burying less in landfills. Americans generate almost 300 million scrap tires a year, but recycle fewer than 7%. Some of these sandals divert a few from the dump.
  • Not hiding behind synthetics. Many conventional flip-flops are made with petroleum-based synthetic rubber. Sustainable finds often use natural rubber (yup, from a tree), hemp, and organic cotton.
  • Acknowledging good business. These shoes are walking the talk, since the companies that make them sponsor beach cleanup projects and take back old pairs to recycle 'em.
Wanna Try: 
  • Patagonia Kids' Cygnet - recycled rubber outsole, inner, and midsole and eco-tanned (according to ISO 14001 standards) suede upper; in green, pink, and blue; sizes toddler 10-3 and kid 4-6 ($35).
  • Planet Flops - made with sustainably tapped natural rubber from a managed Brazilian rain forest; in five colors; send old Planet Flops back for recycling and receive a 10% discount on the next pair; sizes toddler 10-13 and kid 1-4 ($24). 
  • Bakura Hemp Sandals - uppers and footbed made from 100% organic hemp canvas; sole made from a 100% recycled bicycle tires; in five colors; sizes toddler 6-10 ($23).
  • Ocean Minded - fun striped and solid flip-flops made from recycled plastic bottles and car tires for boys and girls; OM organizes beach cleanups all over the world; sizes kid 4-13, junior 1-5 ($22).

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