Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best BIKE Invention YET!

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I am so so so very excited to be posting today! It is quite infrequent that one can find JUST what they were IMAGINING in one's mind sitting right there in a store, but it happened to me today!
As most of you may know, Roger and I love biking, actually... Yakov, Roger, and I all love biking!

Problem #1: What do you do when you're living in the City with two kids and hubby is not up for an adventure? Leave one kid behind?! It pains me to think about all the learning and exposure that child would miss!

Poor Solution #1: Back Seat Bike Trailers? Not so practical in the City I say. The fast cars, buses, the traffic, no one notices it all the way back there (even with those flags)!

Problem #2: Even with one child, what are your options past the one and a half year mark? I loved the IBert seat, had a great time with it. The child is right up close with you on the handle bars, you're able to see them, they see you, steering is a piece of cake! Only problem with that is if your child is tall, or past 2 years old, their legs hit the handlebars and they can not ride safely.

Poor Solution #2: Back seat riders? I am so not thrilled with this, and neither is consumer reports. The seat in the back affects riding stability, if the child suddenly shifts their weight you can tip over, it is not easy to get the child in or out, and I just was not comfortable with this solution. Consumer reports talks again about the rear trailer, but they did not know about this latest bike, our SOLUTION!!!!

Enter the Zigo!!! So today in my desperation to be a green living, biking-for-transportation family, I settled on what I thought was the only option for us, the backseat bike carrier for Roger's bike, while I maintained the iBert for the baby. Again, this meant we BOTH had to ride bikes to take the kids out and only Roger could take Yakov and I was stuck with Ethan. To switch would be too timely, so that was what we settled on.

I step into Roy's bike shop ready to buy when my eye pop at the greatest invention in biking history! a FRONT trailer, a bike with 3 wheels for added stability, the option to change the bike into a 2 wheeler without the trailer attachment, and the options to turn the trailer into a regular stroller as well as a jogging stroller! My mouth dropped. It looks sleek. Designed so well! So functional! And YESSSS It holds TWO children!!! You can even get attachments for a regular bike if you wanted to use the trailer as a rear option-- don't forget your back flag! But YESSSSS YOU CAN! It has a rain cover too!

Just wait, guess who will be sporting one of these sooner than you think? Come and check mine out for yourself! Give it a test ride! Lets bike! RIDE ON!!!!!!


  1. It really does look like a great invention! Can I fit into that front loader?

  2. Sha, if you get it, I promise to give you rides, lol.

  3. Just purchased mine... cheaper than a second car!!

  4. Zigo's first in state contest! 35% off in Denver N.Carolina Montana and Massachusetts details here please RT

  5. wow!!! your bike is amazing, It will be a boom in my country, I would like to have one, Are these bikes expensive? someone know about it?!22dd

  6. Some good friends loaned us a rear rack seat that appears to be as skookum as they come. And the look on my daughter’s face when she saw the seat installed on my bike was about as joyous as I’ve ever seen. On our first test ride on the Fourth of July, she kept yelling, “Faster, Mama! Faster!”

    We’ll be getting the hang of it on more leisurely rides this summer, and I can already tell that we’ll enjoy our bike commutes together when she starts preschool this fall.

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