Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Follow Up

I just wanted to create a short follow up post on some of the
previously discussed
topics, so here it goes!!

Original Post 4/20/09: Door To Door Organics (Dot Com)!
We love being part of the Manhattan Beach Co-op. The fruits and vegetables are mostly produced locally and delivered fresh once a week. You can be part of the co-op or have your produce delivered right to your door! Save on gas by having your veggies shipped directly to you! As always, for
more informations, chat me up!

Original Post 4/21/09: GDiapers!
I have been using GDiapers for the last year on both of my boys. Yakov wears them at night and Ethan wears them 24/7. I love them. I rec
ommend them. I think they are cute, functional, healthy, and they make my babies happy. I nave have trouble with diaper rashes, I feel good about saving the planet, and I really feel there is no excuse NOT to use them at this point!!! Either way, I have tons of valuable coupons for ANYONE would may like, including this fantasti
c one which will save you tons of money starting up, originally priced at $70.00 it drops to $40.00 for 6 pairs of Everyday G's! Tell Them Julie Sent You With This Code: g559Wright, good though July 31st!!

Original Post 6/2/09: Eco-Sunscreen / Body Care:
I am using and Loving California Baby Products!

Original Post 6/23/09: Organic, Ethically Treated Meat:
Already picked up and ate our Mitzvah Meat Lamb, LOVED it. It was the BEST lamb I have ever eaten in my life; Roger agreed! We have a subscription to
Kosher Conscience and expect pick up to be sometime next week. This is the only type or meat I
will eat, in or out of my home. So
rry, but I will be going vegetarian unless it is at least organic!

Original Post 6/24/09: Open Microphone!
Looking for more questions, comments, concerns to address! Feel free to shoot some over my way!! Thanks to C.A. for that great question! Curious minds want to know, have you changed your water bottle ways for tap!? Fill us in!! ***Check for the update at t
he original blog!!

Original Post 6/26/09:
Yakov has a pair of Soft Star Shoes and
loves them! I am now about to purchase a vegan pair for Ethan
instead of other more popular brands made in China. Roger and I are even considering "splurging" on some of the cute
moccasins for the Fall! I highly recommend them for your kid
s!!! Affordab
le and very well crafted. It is also great to know their leathers are formaldehyde free!

Original Post 7/2/09: Zigo Bike Rider!
I got my bike about 2 weeks ago and love it! I get looks everywhere I go! It takes a little bit of "adjusting" to get used to the feel of the bike, but it is really awesome. My boys, ages 3 and 12 months, love to ride in it. They talk to each other, usually it is a one sided conversation I must admit, but it promotes bonding between my two boys. Everyone asks me about it where ever I go and when asked about the price I just tell them it beats the price of a second car, no gas cost, no insurance, and tune ups are virtually free! Ask me for a discount code!!!


  1. This is a great idea..seems much safer than the typical child seat

  2. Thanks and I just ordered Ethan his first pair of Soft Star Shoes!!