Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eco-Kids and Shampoo

Are the ingredients in your kids' lather-uppers fooling you?

The Bite:
If you think you need the synthetic stuff in conventional 'poos to get soft, shiny hair? Skip the charade, and Choose Organic Plant Based Shampoos for your squirt. They work just as well, minus the sulfites and artificial fragrances that mess with our health and waterways. 
The Benefits: 
  • Faking out nasty chems. Conventional kids' shampoos often contain cancer-linked petrochems and the toxic foaming agents such as SLES or SLS. Our picks use essential oils and herbal extracts to gently clean hair.
  • No clean-water fraud. Synthetic chems in regular shampoos, such as parabens and phthalates, can get through water purification filters and into drinking water.
Wanna Try: 
  • Jurlique Baby's Gentle Shampoo & Body Wash - hypoallergenic, lightweight multipurpose cleanser scented with biodynamically grown lavender ($21/6.7 ounces).
  • Erbaviva Baby Shampoo - ultramild with olive oil and wheat protein to cleanse; lightly scented with lavender and chamomile ($17/6 ounces).
  • Sparklehearts Shine Shampoo - organic ingredients; rosemary extract brings hair shine and body; pansy flower extract protects locks from sun damage ($13/10 ounces).
  • Erbaorganics Baby Shampoo - made with 77% certified-organic ingredients; oats and olive oil clean hair, and lavender, chamomile, and mandarin leaves soothe scalp ($12/6 ounces).
  • California Baby Shampoo (I use this one!) - 
    • Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
    • No fragrance, scent masking agents, clear formula chemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or DEA
    • Safe and gentle, no tears; no numbing agents.
    • Non-irritating and non-chemical formula
    • For people with allergies and those who cannot tolerate fragrance
    • May be used by those following a homeopathic regimen
    • Two products in one; use head-to-toe
    • Great for babies, kids or adults with super sensitive skin
    • Non-stripping of natural oils

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