Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Julie's Rant

This last week I was alarmed by the number of forwards sent by frantic individuals trying to "get the word out" about how bad certain everyday household items actually are for you. I was alarmed because it was my belief that everyone already KNEW that if a product contained ingredients that you were unable to pronounce without being a chemist, most likely the item contains carcinogens, or at the very least, is non beneficial to one's health. So, if this is news to you, now you know. 

Among the e mails I received, one was from an alarmed mother who had been using Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo and body wash, most likely since the birth of her daughter. I too used this company until my husband questioned why I was purchasing it. Horrified I replied, "but this is a BABY product, a REPUTABLE company, surely they were not among the EVIL corporations who KNOW that they are using harmful chemicals... I mean it says you can use it on a NEWBORN!?" I was scoffed at, and I decided that after I finished my last bottle of Johnson's I would no longer use it. EXHIBIT A: I now use California Baby and am LOOOOVING it. The smell is just amazing too.

Another e mail was concerning how fruits and vegetables are processed. What coats non-organic fruits and vegetables is a toxic waxy coating. Insect repellents, do you really want to eat that? Hormones in meat and in dairy product? If you can avoid it, wouldn't you? Buying organic is not only good for the planet, it keeps you healthier, happier, and safer from illnesses later in life. The human body is quite resilient, it proves that over and over again, however, do we really need to test our limits? 

Think, Love, Eat, Pray -- Green.


  1. im disturbed by all this stuff! can u post some good alternative brands - the organic stuff costs an arm and a leg.

  2. I guess you saw the next post about eco-friendly shampoos and such!

    My Picks:

    Shampoo / body wash for newborns-adulthood : California Baby
    Insect Repellent: Badger Balm in the stick form

    both can be purchased at major retailers, and for sure at!