Fire Jumper

Fire Jumper
Roger Wright

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wild about Salmon and Beet Recipe by Roger!

"With fresh ingredients you can never mess up in the kitchen. Staples should always (and only) include FRESH foods, extra virgin olive oil, salt, and fire. You can't go wrong with that!" - Roger Wright

Here is a step by step guide to making a delicious, nutritious, and healthy primal dinner!

What you need:
* Extra Virgin Olive Oil
* Kosher or Sea Salt
* 2 Large Beets
* Lemon for juice
* Cilantro
* Parsley
* 8 ounces of Salmon (per person), Skin Remains On Until Fish is 80% cooked, then removed and discarded.
* Cast Iron Skillet


  1. nice video, skin is left on for flavor?

  2. Skin is left on because:
    1. All the good oils and flavors are in the skin.
    2. It holds the fish together, especially when grilling it.

  3. I reallly wonder what you were originally planning on doing w the kale - we have some chard in the garden just begging to be eaten.

    I'm going to try this tonight w garden beets and maybe some of that chard.

    1. Sorry for replying TWO YEARS LATER, but... Kale is one of our favorite foods! I usually braise it with chicken thighs or use it to make an egg frittata. I will post a video of that soon!

  4. Perfect for dinner, indeed! Especially when there's a special occasion, I might prepare one primal dinner for myself and my husband.
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    1. Do you remember how it went two years later? ha. We are back and hope you will start following our blog again!

  5. Look out for more cooking tips to come, we are back in action after a TWO YEAR break!